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Are you looking for an opportunity to support Guardian Group's PURSUIT® team mission of countering sex trafficking of children in the United States? We have a no cost option for you to become involved today. Come join us and have an impact on someone's life.



The PURSUIT - Volunteer Training & Assessment course consists of more than 10 hours of learning content, designed to provide you with a baseline set of knowledge regarding what sex trafficking looks like in the United States. This will help you identify key indicators when conducting the required practical exams to complete this course. Once complete, you'll be invited to a community of similarly trained peers where you can help Guardian Group in identifying sex trafficked children. Get started today by signing up below.


Hear it from others

PURSUIT® Team Volunteer

by anonymous Volunteer

"The training provided in support of Guardian Group's offensive mission played an integral component to successfully identifying victims of sex trafficking. Having prior knowledge and experience with OSINT techniques upon volunteering for the PURSUIT® team, I thought I would be ready to go. However, more is needed to support the counter sex trafficking mission. Understanding the crime, and the indicators of, is the most important part in being successful. This training moves you past false trafficking perceptions to allow you to identify sex trafficking indicators while you pursue the true identification of potential victims. It is important the volunteer recognize the indicators so the best possible support to law enforcement is provided. This is learned through the Guardian Group training."

Police Department

by anonymous Detective

Our department's detectives have found Guardian Group to be reliable and dedicated in its anti-human trafficking efforts, which includes the organization's distribution of needed information throughout the law enforcement community. Guardian Group has proven to be a reliable source of information and a reliable partner during these investigations. Guardian Group is most definitely a "force multiplier," which permits this department to address multiple issues with our manpower; something which would be much more difficult without the dedication and resolve of this organization.

Sheriff Office

by anonymous Detective Sergeant

I have to admit, I was at first skeptical of what the group would offer, but over the past few years they have proven themselves to be an invaluable resource. Their ability to gather open source intelligence saves us valuable time which allows investigators to continue moving forward with other facets of the case, while still gaining this needed and valuable information. Due to our limited time and resources, it is my team's goal to conduct data driven investigations which allows us to efficiently locate and rescue victims. Information from Guardian Group has been instrumental in our success at accomplishing this goal.

District Attorney Office

by Senior District Attorney

Guardian Group includes a diverse staff with highly specialized skills who understand the complexities and victimology of these terrible crimes. They consistently display their unyielding dedication to assist and support agencies investigating and prosecuting these cases. They continue to be a resource as subject matter experts for our agencies to include attending law enforcement meetings. The group also provides open source intelligence that allows our law enforcement to utilize their unique expertise and skill set that we often lack from our local agencies.